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Suggested Books

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Adolescence: About and For Adolescents 

  • Gordon, Sol. The Teenage Survival Book. Three Rivers Press. 1981.
  • Packer, Alex. Bringing up Parents: The Teenager's Handbook. ReadHowYouWant Press, 2009.
  • Riera, Michael. Surviving High School. Celestial Arts Press. 1997.
  • Riera, Michael. Uncommon Sense for Parents with Teenagers. 3rd edition. Ten Speed Press, 2012.

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Adoption (see also Parenting) 

  • Eldrige, Sherrie. Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew. Delta. 1999.
  • Melina, Lois Ruskai. Raising Adopted Children: Practical Reassuring Advice for Every Adoptive Parent. Collins Living. 1998.
  • Purvis, Karyn B., Cross, David R., Sunshine, Wendy Lyons. The Connected Child: Bring hope and healing to your adoptive family. McGraw-Hill Education. 2007.
  • Van Gulden, Holly, & L Bartels-Rabb. Real Parents, Real Children: Parenting the Adopted Child. Crossroads Publ. 2000. This is a more scholarly work than the other books listed in this category, but very readable and full of good solid information.

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Addiction and Recovery


  • Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women have Recovered from Alcoholism. (aka “The Big Book”, by Bob Smith and Bill Wilson.) AA World Series, Inc. 2013.
  • Denning, Patt, J Little, & A Glickman. Over the Influence: The Harm Reduction Guide to Controlling Your Drugs and Alcohol Use.  2nd edition. The Guilford Press. 2017.
  • DiClemente, Carlo. Addiction and Change: How Addictions Develop and Addicted People Recover.  2nd edition. Guilford Press. 2018.
  • Johnson, Vernon. I’ll Quit Tomorrow: A Practical Guide to Alcoholism Treatment. Revised edition. HarperOne. 1990.
  • Knapp, Caroline. Drinking: A Love Story. Dial Press/Bantam Dell. 1997.
  • Milam, James Robert, & K  Ketcham. Under the Influence: A Guide to the Myths and Realities of Alcoholism. Reissue edition. Bantam Publishers. 1988.
  • Pinkham, Mary Ellen. How to Stop the One You Love from Drinking. GP Putnam & Sons. 1986.
  • Prochaska, James, J Norcross, & C DiClementi. Changing for Good: A Revolutionary Six-stage Program for Overcoming Bad Habits and Moving Your Life Positively Forward. William Morrow, 2007.
  • Schaefer, Dick. Choices and Consequences: What to Do When a Teenager Uses Alcohol/Drugs. Hazelden Publishing. 1998.
  • Schierse, Leonard, & L Schierse. Witness to the Fire: Creativity and the Veil of Addiction. Shambhala Publications. Reprint edition. 2001.

Adult Children of Alcoholics and Codependence

  • Beattie, Melody. Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself. San Francisco: Hazelden. Reprint 2011.
  • Black, Claudia. It Will Never Happen to Me: Growing Up With Addiction as Youngsters, Adolescents, Adults. Hazelden. Reprint. 2002.
  • Cermak, Timmen, & J Rutzky. A Time to Heal Workbook: Stepping-Stones to Recovery for Adult Children of Alcoholics. Putnam/ TarcherPerigee. 1994.
  • Knapp, Caroline. Drinking: A Love Story. Dial Press/Bantam Dell. 1997.
  • Mellody, Pia. Facing Codependence. Harper & Row. 2003.
  • Sommers, Suzanne. Keeping Secrets. Warner Brothers. 1988. A first-person account about being an adult child of an alcoholic.
  • Woititz, Janet Geringer. Adult Children of Alcoholics: Expanded Edition. Health Communications, Inc. 2nd edition. 1990.
  • Woititz, Janet Geringer. Struggle for Intimacy. Health Communications. Revised edition. 1993.

Sexual Addiction

  • Carnes, Patrick. Out of the Shadows: Understanding Sexual Addiction. Carnes 2001. 
  • Carnes, Patrick. Don't Call it Love: Recovery from Sexual Addiction. Bantam. 1991.

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  • Lerner, Harriett. The Dance of Anger: A Woman's Guide to Changing the Patterns of Intimate Relationships. HarperPerennial. Reprint. 2014.
  • McClure, Lynne. Angry Men: Managing Anger in an Unforgiving World. Impact Publications. 2003.
  • McKay, Matthew, P  Rogers, & J McKay. When Anger Hurts: Quieting the Storm Within. New Harbinger. 2nd edition. 2003.
  • Namie, Gary & Ruth Namie. The Bully at Work: What You Can do to Stop the Hurt and Reclaim Your Dignity on the Job. Sourcebook. 2nd edition. 2009.
  • Paleg, Kim, & M McKay. When Anger Hurts Your Relationship: 10 Simple Solutions for Couples Who Fight. New Harbinger. 2001.
  • Tavris, Carol. Anger: The Misunderstood emotion. Simon and Schuster. 1989.

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  • Bolton, Robert. People Skills: How to Assert Yourself, Listen to Others, and Resolve Conflicts. Simon & Schuster. 1986.
  • Fensterheim, Herbert, and J Baer. Don’t Say Yes When You Want to Say No. Dell. 1975.
  • Gartrell, Nanette. My Answer is No-If That’s Okay with You: How Women Can Say No with Confidence. Atria Books. Reprint edition. 2009.

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Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome (see also Parenting / Relationships)

  • Finch, David. The Journal of Best Practices: A Memoir of Marriage, Asperger Syndrome, and One Man’s Quest to be a Better Husband. Scribner, 2012.
  • Jackson, Luke. Freaks, Geeks & Asperger’s Syndrome: A Users Guide to Adolescence. Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2002.
  • Leventhal-Belfer, Laurie. Asperger’s Syndrome in Young Children: A Developmental Guide for Parents and Professionals. Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2004.
  • Leventhal-Belfer, Laurie. Who Needs Friends? A Guide to the Friends Program, an Intervention Program that Helps Young Children on the Autism / Asperger’s Disorder and their Parents Explore and Expand their Social World. CreateSpace, 2013.
  • McNulty, Kate. Love and Asperger's: Practical Strategies To Help Couples Understand Each Other and Strengthen Their Connection. Rockridge Press, 2020.
  • Tammet, Daniel. Born on a Blue Day. Free Press, 2007.
  • Simsion, Graeme. The Rosie Project: A Novel. Simon & Schuster, 2015.
  • Simone, Rudy. Aspergirls: Empowering Females with Asperger Syndrome. Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2010.

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Bullying in the Workplace

  • Bell, Arthur H. You Can’t Talk to Me That Way! Stopping Toxic Language in the Workplace. Career Press. 2005.
  • Crowley, Katherine, & K Elster. Working with You is Killing Me: Freeing Yourself from Emotional Traps at Work. Hachette Book Group. 2006.
  • Field, Tim. Bully in Sight: How to Predict, Resist, Challenge and Combat Workplace Bullying. Success Unlimited. 1996.
  • Futterman, Susan. When You Work for a Bully: Assessing Your Options and Taking Action. Croce Publishing. 2004.
  • Haden Elgin, Suzette. The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense at Work. Prentice Hall Press. 2000.
  • Lynn, Adele B. In Search of Honor: Lessons from Workers on How to Build Trust. Bajon House Publishing. 1998.
  • Namie, Gary & Ruth Namie. The Bully at Work: What You Can do to Stop the Hurt and Reclaim Your Dignity on the Job. Sourcebooks. 2nd edition. 2009.
  • Sutton, Robert. The No Asshole Rule: Building a Civilized Workforce and Surviving One That Isn’t. Hachette Book Group. Reprint. 2010.

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Care Giving

Caring for Aging Parents

  • Berman, Claire. Caring for Yourself While Caring for Your Aging Parents: How to Help, How to Survive. Holt. 3rd edition. 2005.
  • Butler, Karen. Knocking on Heaven’s Door: The Path to a Better Way of Death. Scribner. 2012.
  • Guwande, Atul. Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End. New York: Metropolitan books. 2014.
  • Jacobs, Barry J. The Emotional Survival Guide for Caregivers: Looking After Yourself and Your Family While Helping and Aging Parent. New York: Guilford Press, 2006.
  • Larson, Dale G. The Helper's Journey: Working with People Facing Grief, Loss, and Life-Threatening Illness. Research Press. 1993.
  • Morris, Virginia. How to Care for Aging Parents: A One-stop Resource for All Your Medical, Financial, Housing, and Emotional Issues. Third edition. Workman, 2014.

Living with a Mentally Ill Family Member (See also Schizophrenia)

  • Amador, Xavier. I Am Not Sick I Don’t Need Help: How to Help Someone with Mental Illness Accept Treatment. Vida Press, 2007.
  • Forward, Susan. Emotional Blackmail: When the People in Your Life Use Fear, Obligation, & Guilt to Manipulate You. Harper. 1998. 
  • Golant, Mitch, & Susan K. Golant. What to Do When Someone You Love is Depressed, 2nd Edition: A Practical, Compassionate, & Helpful Guide. Holt Paperback. 2nd edition. 2007. 
  • Kreisman, Jerold J, & H Straus. I Hate You, Don’t Leave Me: Understanding the Borderline Personality Disorder. New Harbinger. 3rd edition. 2018. 
  • Lawson, Christine Ann. Understanding the Borderline Mother: Helping Her Children Transcend the Intense, Unpredictable & Volatile Relationship. Rowan & Littlefield, 2004. 
  • Mace, Nancy and Peter Rabins. The 36-Hour Day: A Family Guide to Caring for People Who Have Alzheimer Disease, Other Dementias, and Memory Loss. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2017.
  • Mason, Paul T. Stop Walking on Eggshells: Taking Your Life Back When Someone You Care About Has Borderline Personality Disorder. New Harbinger. 2nd edition. 2010. 
  • Roth, Kimberlee et al. Surviving a Borderline Parent: How to Heal Your Childhood Wounds and Build Trust, Boundaries, & Self Esteem. New Harbinger. 2003. 
  • Sheffield, Anne. Depression Fallout: The Impact of Depression on Couples and What You Can Do to Preserve the Bond. Harper Paperbacks. 2003. 
  • Sheehy, Gail. Passages in Caregiving: Turning chaos into confidence. William Morrow, 2010.
  • Wexler, David B. Is He Depressed or What? What to Do When the Man You Love is Irritable, Moody, and Withdrawn. New Harbinger. 2006.

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Childfree Living: For People Who Do Not Have Children, Either by Choice or Because of Infertility

  • Carroll, Laura. Families of Two. Xlibris, 2000.
  • Carter, Jean and Michael. Sweet Grapes: How to Stop Being Infertile and Start Living Again. Perspectives Press. Expanded edition.1998. Good information on how to cope when you want a child and are unable to have one.
  • Casey, Terri. Pride and Joy: The Lives and Passions of Women Without Children. Atria/ Beyond Words. 2007.
  • Engel, Beverly. The Parenthood Decision: Discovering Whether You Are Ready and Willing to Become a Parent. Main Street Books. 1998.
  • Ireland, Mardy S. Reconceiving Women: Separating Motherhood from Female Identity. Guilford Press. 1993.
  • Senior, Jennifer. All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of modern parenthood. Ecco, 2015.

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  • Pia Melody. Facing Co-Dependence: What it is, Where it Comes From, How it Sabotages our Lives. Harper & Row, 2003.
  • Richard Schwartz. You Are the One You've Been Waiting For: Bringing courageous love to intimate relationships. Center for Self Leadership, 2008.

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Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy

  • Burns, David. Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy. Harper. Reprint ed. 2008. 
  • Burns, David. The Feeling Good Handbook. Plume. Revised. 1999. A workbook based on Burns’s Feeling Good book 
  • Seligman, Martin. Learned Optimism. Vintage. Reprint ed. 2006. 
  • Seligman, Martin. The Optimistic Child: A Proven Program to Safeguard Children Against Depression and Build Lifelong Resilience. Mariner. Reprint ed. 2007. 
  • Spradlin, Scott E. Don’t Let Your Emotions Run Your Life: How Dialectical Behavior Therapy Can Put You in Control. New Harbinger. 2003.

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Communication Skills

  • Bolton, Robert. People Skills: How to Assert Yourself, Listen to Others, and Resolve Conflicts. Touchstone. 1986. 
  • Faber, Adele, & Elaine Mazlish. How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk. Scribner. Updated ed. 2012. 
  • McKay, Matthew, Martha Davis, & Patrick Fanning. Messages: The Communication Book. New Harbinger. 3rd edition. 2009. 
  • Patterson, Kerry. Crucial Confrontations: Tools for Resolving Broken Promises, Violated Expectations, and Bad Behavior. McGraw-Hill. 2005. 
  • Patterson, Kerry, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, & Al Switzler. Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High. McGraw-Hill. 2nd ed. 2011. 
  • Rosenberg, Marshall,. Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life, 3rd Edition: Life-Changing Tools for Healthy Relationships. Puddledancer Press. 2015. 
  • Stone, Douglas, Bruce Patton, & Sheila Heen. Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most. Penguin Books. Updated ed. 2010. 
  • Tannen, Deborah. Talking from 9 to 5: Women and Men at Work. William Morrow. Reprint ed. 2001.

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Death and Dying: For Those Facing Their Own Death

  • Kubler Ross, Elizabeth. On Death and Dying: What the Dying Have to Teach Doctors, Nurses, Clergy and their Own Families. Scribner. Reprint ed. 2014. 
  • Kubler Ross, Elizabeth. Questions and Answers on Death and Dying. Quality. 2002. 
  • Ostaseski, Frank. The Five Invitations: Discovering What Death Can Teach Us About Living Full. Flatiron Books. 2017.
  • Remen, Rachel Naomi. Kitchen Table Wisdom: Stories that Heal. New York: Riverhead Books. 10th Anniversary ed. 2006. 
  • Rinpoche, Sogyal. The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. Harper. 20th Anniversary ed. 2012.
  • Shneidman, Edwin. A Commonsense Book of Death: Reflections at Ninety of a Lifelong Thanatologist. Rowman & Littlefield, 2008.

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Domestic Violence

  • Ackerman, Robert. Before It's Too Late: Helping Women in Controlling or Abusive Relationships. Health Communications Inc. 1995. 
  • Enns, Greg, & J Black. It's Not Okay Anymore: Your Personal Guide to Ending Abuse, Taking Charge, and Loving Yourself. New Harbinger. 1997. 
  • Evans, Patricia. The Verbally Abusive Relationship. Adams Publishing. 1992. 
  • Kirshenbaum, Mira. Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay: A Step-by-Step Guide to Helping You Decide Whether to Stay in or Get Out of Your Relationship. NAL-Dutton. 1996.

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Grief (see also Death and Dying; Care-Giving)

  • Cacciatore, Joanne. Bearing the Unbearable: Love, Loss, and the Heartbreaking Path of Grief. Somerville, MA: Wisdom Publications, 2017.
  • Devine, Megan. It's Ok That You're Not Ok: Meeting Grief and Loss in a Culture that Doesn't Understand. New York: Sounds True, 2017.
  • Fine, Carla. No Time to Say Goodbye: Surviving the Suicide of a Loved One. Main Street Books/ Harmony. 1999. 
  • Frankl, Viktor L. Man's Search For Meaning. New York: Beacon Press, 1946 (edition 2006).
  • Goulding, Mary. A Time to Say Good-Bye: Moving Beyond Loss. Papier-Mache Press. 1996. For widows and widowers.
  • Grollman, Earl. Talking About Death: A Dialogue Between Parent and Child. Beacon Press. 4th edition. 2011. For parents, to help their children deal with death.
  • Greenspan, Miriam. Healing through the Dark Emotions: The Wisdom of Grief, Fear, and Despair. Shambhala. 2003. 
  • Larson, Dale G. The Helper’s Journey: Working with People Facing Grief, Loss, and Life-Threatening Illness. Research Press. 1993. 
  • McWilliams, Peter, Harold Bloomfield & Melba Colgove. How to Survive the Loss of a Love. Prelude Press. Reprint ed. 2006. 
  • O'Connor, Mary-Frances. The Grieving Brain: The Surprising Science Of How We Learn From Love and Loss. New York: HarperOne. 2022.
  • Panagotacos, Vicki. Gaining Traction: Starting over after the death of your life partner. Amazon, 2014.
  • Rando, Therese. How to Go on Living When Someone You Love Dies. Bantam. 1988. 
  • Staudacher, Carol. Men and Grief. New Harbinger. 1991. 
  • Stern, Ellen Sue. Living with Loss: Meditations for Grieving Widows. Itasca, 2006.
  • Tatelbaum, Judy. The Courage to Grieve: Creative Living, Recovery, and Growth Through Grief. Harper & Row. 1984. 
  • Viorst, Judith. Necessary Losses: The Loves, Illusions, Dependencies, and Impossible Expectations that All of Us have to Give Up in Order to Grow. Simon and Schuster, 1998.
  • Walter, Carolyn. The Loss of a Life Partner: Narratives of the Bereaved. Columbia University Press. 2003.
  • Zenoff, Nisha. The Unspeakable Loss: How Do You Live After a Child Dies? Da Capo Lifelong Books. 2017.

Infertility / Loss of Child (See also Childfree Living; Relationships)

  • Ilse, Sherokee. Empty Arms: Coping with Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Death. Wintergreen Press. 20th Anniversary Revised & Enlarged ed. 2015.

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  • Forward, Susan. Emotional Blackmail: When the People in Your Life Use Fear, Obligation, and Guilt to Manipulate You. HarperCollins. 1997. 
  • Engel, Lewis, & T Ferguson. Imaginary Crimes: Why We Punish Ourselves and How to Stop. Authors Choice reprint ed. 2004. 
  • Borysenko, Joan. Guilt is the Teacher, Love is the Lesson. Warner Press. 1990.

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  • Grodeck, Brett. The First Year—HIV: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed. Da Capo, Revised ed. 2007.
  • Ward, Darrell E. The AmFAR AIDS Handbook: The Complete Guide to Understanding HIV and AIDS. New York: WW Norton & Co. 1999.

Chronic Pain

  • Catalano, Ellen M. The Chronic Pain Control Workbook: A Step-By-Step Guide for Coping with Overcoming Pain. New Harbinger. 1996
  • Cohen, Carlene. Turning Suffering Inside Out: A Zen Approach to Living with Physical and Emotional Pain. Shambhala. 2002. With stories, exercises, and an awareness born of long Zen practice, Cohen shows how we can lead a satisfying, even joyful life in the midst of pain
  • Bolen, Jean Shinoda. Close to the Bone: Life-Threatening Illness as a Soul Journey. Conari Press. 10th Anniversary ed. 2007. This book looks at life-threatening illness and chronic pain from a soul perspective: how this journey can lead to a fuller, healthier, more meaningful life
  • Dahl, Joanne, & Tobias Lundgren. Living Beyond Your Pain: Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to Ease Chronic Pain. New Harbinger. 2006. The emphasis is on accepting and learning to live with pain, and limiting the control it exerts over your life
  • Dillard, James N & Leigh Ann Hirschman. The Chronic Pain Solution: Your Personal Path to Pain Relief. Bantam Dell. Reprint ed. 2003. An educational book which combines the best of Western medicine and gentler alternative therapies
  • Morris, David B. The Culture of Pain. UC California Press. Reprint ed. 1993. In this richly intriguing study Morris gives eloquent voice to the experience of pain as shaped by individual minds and specific cultures, from tortured victims of the Inquisition to the Nazi death camps, the phantom limb pain of amputees and the suffering of victims of arthritis, disability, cancer, and AIDS
  • Price, Reynolds. A Whole New Life: An Illness and a Healing. Scribner. Reprint ed. 2003. Inspirational book written by a man who survives cancer, is paralyzed, and finds meaning in “a whole new life
  • Rosenfeld, Arthur. The Truth About Chronic Pain: Patients and Professionals on How to Face It, Understand It, Overcome It. Basic Books. 2003.
  • Schneider, Jennifer P. Living With Chronic Pain: The Complete Health Guide to the Causes and Treatment of Chronic Pain. Healthy Hatherleigh Press. 2nd ed. 2009.
  • Thorn, Beverly E. Cognitive Therapy for Chronic Pain: A Step-by-Step Guide. Guilford Press. 2nd ed. 2017.
  • Turk, Dennis C, & Frits Winter. The Pain Survival Guide: How to Reclaim Your Life. APA Life Tools Press. 2005. This is a proven 10-step program that shows how gradual behavior changes can lead to great improvements.

Illness and Chronic Illness

  • Kabat-Zinn, Jon. Full Catastrophe Living: Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain, and Illness. Bantam. Revised ed. 2013. 
  • Klein, Robert, & Marcia Landau. Healing the Body Betrayed: A Self-Paced, Self Help Guide to Regaining Psychological Control of Your Chronic Illness. Chronimed. 1992. 
  • Selak, Joy & Steven Overman. You Don’t Look Sick: Living Well With Invisible Chronic Illness. Demos Health, 2nd ed. 2012. 
  • Topf, Linda, & H Z Bennett. You are not Your Illness: Seven Principles for Meeting the Challenge of Illness. Touchstone1995. 
  • Wells, Susan Milstrey. A Delicate Balance: Living Successfully with Chronic Illness. Perseus. 2000.


  • Barbach, Lonnie. The Pause: Positive Approaches to Perimenopause and Menopause. Plume. Revised ed. 2000. 
  • Boston Women's Health Book Collective. The New Our Bodies Ourselves. Touchstone. 4th ed. 2005. 
  • Doress-Worsters, Paula, & Diana Siegal. The New Ourselves, Growing Older. Touchstone. 2nd Revised ed. 1994 
  • Greenwood, Sadja. Menopause Naturally: Preparing for the Second Half of Life. Volcano Press. 2nd ed Updated.1996. 
  • Greer, Germaine. The Change: Women, Aging and the Menopause. Knopf. 1992. 
  • Love, Susan. Dr. Susan Love's Menopause and Hormone Book: Making Informed Choices. Harmony. Revised ed. 2003. 
  • Northrup, Christiane. The Wisdom of Menopause: Creating Physical and Emotional Health During the Change. Bantam. Revised ed. 2012. 
  • O'Hanlan, Katherine. Natural Menopause. Da Capo. Revised ed. 1996. 
  • Sheehy, Gail. Silent Passage: Menopause. Gallery Books. 6th ed. 2010. 
  • Wolfe, Honora Lee. Second Spring: A Guide to Healthy Menopause Through Traditional Chinese Medicine. Blue Poppy Press. 1990.

Sleep Health

  • Carney, Colleen E. and Manber, Rachel. Quiet Your Mind and Get to Sleep: Solutions to Insomnia for those with Depression, Anxiety, or Chronic Pain. New Harbinger, 2009.
  • Dement, William. The Promise of Sleep: A Pioneer in Sleep Medicine Explores the Vital Connection Between Health, Happiness, and a Good Night’s Sleep. Dell. 2000.
  • Huffington, Ariana. The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time. Harmony. 2017.
  • Stevenson, Shawn. Sleep Smarter: 21 Essential Strategies to Sleep Your Way to a Better Body, Better Health, Bigger Success. Rodale. 2016.
  • U.S. National Library of Medicine. National Health, Lung, and Blood Institute. Healthy Sleep. 2009. Brief guides to healthy sleep and sleep disorders are available at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute website.
  • Walker, Matthew. Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams. Simon Schuster. 2017.

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Gay, Lesbian, Coming Out Issues

  • Bass, Ellen, & K Kaufman. Free Your Mind: The Book for Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youth and Their Allies. HarperPerennial. 1996. 
  • Bernstein, Robert A. Straight Parents, Gay Children: Keeping Families Together. Da Capo. Revised ed. 2003. Written by a P-FLAG parent - Parents and Friends of Gays and Lesbians.
  • Fairchild, Betty, & Nancy Hayward. Now That You Know: A Parents’ Guide to Understanding their Gay and Lesbian Children. Mariner books. 1998. 
  • Johnson, Bret K. Coming Out Every Day: A Gay, Bisexual, and Questioning Man's Guide. New Harbinger. 1998. 
  • Kaufman, Gershen, & L Raphail. Coming Out of Shame:
  • forming Gay and Lesbian Lives. Doubleday. 1996. 
  • Larkin, Joan, ed. A Woman Like That: Lesbian and Bi-sexual Writers Tell Their Coming-Out Stories. Harper Collins. 1999. Anthology of coming-out stories from the 1950’s to the present 
  • McDaniel, Judith. The Lesbian Couples' Guide. Harper Perennial. 1995. Examines issues such as setting boundaries, power, parenting, opening the closet doors, etc 
  • Merla, Patrick, ed. Boys Like Us: Gay Writers Tell Their Coming-Out Stories. Avon Books. 1997. Anthology of coming-out stories from the 1950’s to the present.
  • Marcus, Eric. Is It a Choice? Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Gay & Lesbian People. HarperOne. Revised ed. 2005. Honest and compassionate answers to 300 of the most frequently asked questions about gays and lesbians.

Transgender Issues

  • Boylan, Jennifer. She’s Not There: A Life in Two Genders. Broadway Books. 2013.
  • Nutt, Amy Elis. Becoming Nicole: The Transformation of an American Family. Random House, 2016.

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Mental Health

ADD, ADHD and Learning Disabilities

  • Barkley, Russell. Taking Charge of ADHD: The Complete, Authoritative Guide for Parents. Guilford Press. 3rd ed. 2013.
  • Hallowell, Edward & John Ratey. Driven to Distraction: Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder. Anchor. Reprint ed. 2011. For adults with ADD and ADHD
  • Nadeau, Kathleen. Understanding Women with AD/HD. Advantage Books. 2002.
  • Solden, Sari. Women with Attention Deficit Disorder: Embracing Your Differences and Transform Your life. Introspect Press. Revised ed. 2012.


  • Bourne, Edmund J. The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook. New Harbinger. 6th ed. 2015.
  • Bourne, Edmund, & Loma Garano. Coping with Anxiety: 10 Simple Ways to Relieve Anxiety, Fear, and Worry. New Harbinger. 2nd ed. 2016.
  • Hanh, Thich Nhat. Creating True Peace: Ending Violence in Yourself, Your Family, Your Community, and the World. Atria Books. Reprint ed. 2004.
  • Isaacs, Mark. Living with Fear: Understanding and Coping with Anxiety. McGraw Hill. Subsequent ed. 2002.
  • Jeffers, Susan. Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. Ballantine. 20th Anniversary Ed. 2006. Especially good for career issues.
  • Kabat-Zinn, Jon. Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life. Hachette. 10th Ed. 2005.
  • Wilson, Reid. Don't Panic: Taking Control of Anxiety Attacks. Harper Perennial. 3rd Ed. 2009.

For children –

  • Huebner, Don. What to Do When You Worry Too Much: A Kid’s guide to overcoming anxiety. Magination Press, 2006.

Bipolar/Manic Depression

  • Castle, Lana R. Bipolar Demystified: Mastering the Tightrope of Manic Depression. Da Capo Lifelong Books, 2003.
  • Copeland, Mary Ellen. Living Without Depression and Manic Depression: A Workbook for Maintaining Mood Stability. New Harbinger. 1994.
  • Jamison, Kay Redfield. An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness. Knopf. 1995. Autobiography of a psychologist who is diagnosed with Bipolar disorder
  • McDermott, Zack. Gorilla and the Bird: A Memoire of Madness and a Mother’s Love. Little, Brown, 2018.
  • Vien, Enid. Mood Swings. Dynamism Publications. 2nd Ed. 1999.

Borderline Personality Disorder

  • Bill, Eddie and Randy Krieger. Splitting: Protecting Yourself While Divorcing Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder. New Harbinger Publications, 2011.
  • Forward, Susan. Emotional Blackmail: When the People in Your Life Use Fear, Obligation, and Guilt to Manipulate You. Harper. 1998.
  • Kreisman, Jerold & Hal Straus. I Hate You—Don’t Leave Me: Understanding The Borderline Personality Disorder. TarcherPerigee. Revised Ed. 2010.
  • Mason Paul. Stop Walking on Eggshells: Taking Your Life Back When Someone You Care About has Borderline Personality Disorder. New Harbinger. 2nd Ed. 2010.
  • Reiland, Rachel. Get Me Out of Here: My Recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder. Hazelden Press. 2004.


  • Burns, David. Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy. Harper. Reprint Ed. 2008. A cognitive-behavioral approach to resolving depression.
  • Burns, David. The Feeling Good Handbook. Plume. Revised Ed. 1999. A workbook based on Burns's Feeling Good book. 
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Personal Growth

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Dealing with Strains, Break-up, and Loss of Relationship

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Rebuilding and Strengthening

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Self Care

Mindfulness / Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

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Compassion / Self-Compassion

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Self Esteem

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Sexual Abuse: Adults Abused as Children

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Sexual Harassment

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Social Anxiety and Shyness

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Spiritual Issues and Spiritual Confusion (See also Self-Care, Mindfulness)

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Stress Reduction (see also Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction)

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Time Management, Personal Organization and Clutter

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Workplace Issues and Career Change Stress

Conflict in the Workplace

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Faculty and Tenure Issues

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