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The Faculty Staff Help Center offers a variety of services for the Stanford community. All services are free of charge. View eligibility »

photo of two women meeting with a counselor

Counseling Services

Professional and confidential counseling about work-related or personal issues. Individual counseling, couples counseling, family counseling, bilingual counseling in French and Spanish. Offering up to 10 free counseling sessions for each issue.

For additional information or to make an appointment, call 650-723-4577 or email

photo of couple with talking with a counselor

Facilitated Conversations

A FSHC staff member is available to help you and another individual, whether it is a co-worker or a family member, navigate through a difficult conversation.

Learn more about facilitated conversations »

photo of facilitator and attendees in a workshop


Noontime workshops offer an opportunity to learn more about topics of interest to the Stanford community in a casual environment.

View available workshops »

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Discussion Groups

Groups are offered on a variety of topics including, but not limited to, parenting, grief, and codependency. All groups are faciliated by FSHC counselors.

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Departmental Consultation and Training

Managers/supervisors can request departmental consultation to deal with a variety of issues including grief, job stress, communication, organizational change and diversity/ cross-cultural communications.

View work-related resources »

For additional information, call 650-723-4577 or email

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Departmental Retreat Facilitation

FSHC staff is available to speak on communication, stress management and adjustments to changes in the workplace.

For additional information, call 650-723-4577 or email



The FSHC utilizes the following forms:

Release of Information (PDF) Statement of Understanding (PDF) Satisfaction Survey Workshop Evaluation Form